Release 1.24.0 out now

| 19. April 2022 | Releases

Release 1.24.0 out now

Release 1.24.0 is available for download now. The release holds exciting new features for you. Learn in this post what the most important new features are and what is now possible with the Social Network Harvester.

Securing Telegram channel comments with SNH

Telegram is a free instant messaging service with over 500 million active users. With the Social Network Harvester it is possible to collect data from public groups and channels in Telegram and save for example text messages, pictures, videos and group members.

Channel posts have long been just one-way notifications that could not be responded to. But Telegram recently introduced the ability to respond to posts in channels with comments.

As a result, we received several customer inquiries about whether SNH can be used to save these comments as well. We would like to further develop the SNH in a customer-centric way, which is why we try to implement our customers’ requests as quickly as possible.

Now the time has come and we have added a new feature to the Telegram module of the Social Network Harvester. With it, it is now possible to save comments with text content to channel messages. We are currently still working on making it possible to save images and videos posted as comments as well.

During investigations, propaganda, drug trafficking, cybercrime and fraud can be uncovered, and evidence of these can be collected, secured and visualized using our Telegram module.

Open Source Script Interface

We would like to contribute to the open source and OSINT community. In your investigations, you will not have to skip any social network in the future with our new script interface. Solve the case by developing crawling modules for SNH on your own. This will give you the opportunity to collect, save and visualize data in the future even in networks and websites that have not been supported so far.

Network with other developers, too. In Github you will find scripts from the community. Use them for your own cases or develop them further.

The Social Network Harvester is new for you? Then test the free demo version without any obligations. Contact us now!

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