Our Story

We develop for your success!

Freezingdata was founded by a team of experienced OSINT experts and cybercrime investigators. From the start, the goal was to assist agencies with their essential investigative work in social media.

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Meanwhile, the team has grown to include experienced developers who work with the latest methods and technologies to help design our product to be even more stable and effective.

Collaboration and exchange with users is our top priority. We understand how essential it is for us to work with you to improve our products and deploy them for targeting and combating crime, damage analysis or other usage scenarios. 

We are constantly growing and proud that Social Network Harvester has now become the top choice of many investigative agencies and other authorities in Europe and around the world.

Our Benefits

Flexible working hours

Start and end your workday at the right time for you.

Full Remote Work

Here at Freezingdata, you can work from home or remotely while on the go or even from abroad.

High-tech equipment

We equip you and your home office with all of the tools you need to work effectively (your own MacBook, widescreen monitor, keyboard and mouse, noise canceling headphones).

Start-up character

Everyone has their own assignments here, but sometimes we all need to pull together to complete a task or project.

Flat hierarchy

We are a team and do not have any rigid structures. Our work is always solution-driven.

Attractive compensation package

We want to reward you for your hard work.

We support the following projects

Social commitment

For years we have made donations to support people and animals so they can live a better life. Each year we decide as a team which causes will receive a generous donation.
We have supported the following projects in recent years

Would you like to support a good cause, too? Then feel free to join us! 😉

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