Changes to Facebook community pages

Facebook has completely changed the data transfer for Facebook pages. We are currently working on adapting our data collection module. The collection of Facebook personal profiles is not affected.

New in SNH Titan

Automatic Account Linkings

The new "Account Linking Suggestions" program feature was developed to allow the SNH Titan to independently identify profiles of the same person and mark them as potential account links. This feature provides an efficient way to identify and manage duplicates or different accounts of the same user.

The new Linking Manager provides a user-friendly interface through which the user can manage all recognized potential account links.

First Steps

Before using the SNH Titan for the first time, read our Quick Start Guide.


Do you need help? Please register with our support portal. Our team and partners will be happy to assist you.

Your first point of contact for contractual support is our Sales Partners. You will find all contact information on our website.

In our established Discord Channel, the community idea is in the foreground. Here you can get help from other community members and our team.

However, if any questions remain unanswered, you can get additional support from the Freezingdata team.


We have summarised the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs.


All information and instructions for the SNH Titan can be found clearly in our manual.

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